Bryce is a Graduate of University of Richmond with a Bachelor of Science and Business Administration. Bryce has 20+ years experience in accounting and taxes. BIG, LLC started in 1999 as a full-service business brokerage firm specializing in mid-market transactions up to $50 million. As the network of clients grew, BIG expanded into other areas of business intelligence including valuations, due diligence and strategic consulting. In 2016, BIG made its transition from working with corporate clients to offering business solutions for small business and personal matters. BIG Accounting and Tax Services formed to fulfill the tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll needs of the Grand Strand area. With over 50 years of accounting experience, it is our goal to help our community grow and provide services that make your business run smoothly. We pledge to maintain high ethical standards and open and honest communications in all of our business relationships. To learn how we can help you achieve your goals, please contact us. Email Bryce to help you gain control of your finances today!
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