Are you confused about how to document your expenses? Which tax schedules you need to fill out? How to claim child tax credits? Or how to file information about your rental property income and expenses? Questions like these are best handled by a tax preparation professional.


There are several types of tax preparers, such as Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), enrolled agents, attorneys and others who don't hold a professional certification. It's important to choose your tax preparation professional wisely.

The tax codes and laws change every year so you need someone with the best understanding of the latest changes in the tax regulations. Also, you're trusting this person with your most sensitive information! Your tax preparer has access to your social security number or other tax ID number, your birthdate, your marriage, your dependents or children, your income, your address and more - all the details of your financial life. With all of this sensitive information, you need to choose a tax preparer you can trust completely.

Every year, many people face financial hardship because they trusted the wrong person to handle their tax preparation. Either because their sensitive information is compromised or because they trusted someone who wasn't as knowledgeable as they expected and errors are made on their tax filing. It's absolutely essential to choose a tax preparer who is both trustworthy and has the knowledge and skill to prepare your tax filing correctly according to the most up-to-date tax regulations.

You can trust BIG Accounting and Tax Services to handle all of your tax preparation needs. We keep your confidential information secure and prepare your taxes in accordance with the most up-to-date tax regulations for an affordable price. We know our schedule C from our K from our A and we use our 50+ years of experience to make sure your taxes are prepared and filed accurately.

Let BIG help you with your Tax preparation!